Simplicity = Beauty (Thanks “dotlassie”)

17 Jul

“dotlassie”‘s work on Processing.

This line:
int t,x,X,Y,c,w=255,m;void draw(){t++;background(0);for(x=0;++x>8&w);set(X,Y,color(c,c,c*2));}}int n(){return int(noise(x%w/99f,x/w/99f,t/99f+m++%2)*w-w/2);}
Begot this:

This line:
int x,y,i,w=512;void setup(){for(i=0;++i<w*w;)set(i%w,i/w,-1^r(1<<24));}void draw(){for(i=0;++i<w;){x=y;y=r(w);set(x+r(3)-1,y+r(3)-1,get(x,y,r(99),r(99)));}}int r(int a){return int(random(a));}
Begot this:

This line:
float x,y,N,t,S=30;void draw(){for(y=0;y<256;y+=3)for(x=y%3;x<256;x+=3){N=0;stroke(y,(n(S)+n(1)+S)*7,y,y);line(x,y,n(1)+x,n(1)+y);}t++;}float n(float a){return noise(a/S*x,(a*y+t)/S,t/S/a+N++)*60-S;}
Begot this:

And then there is this: (A mix of who knows how many types of media)

Smokie in the movie from dotlassie on Vimeo.

Bravo dotlassie!


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